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News @ Noon

News @ Noon / 8 November 2012

Welcome to News @ Noon for Monday 22 October 2012 brought to you by Gila / Mimbres Community Radio in a community media collaboration with The Grant County Beat – your daily newspaper for up-to-date information about Grant County. News @ Noon airs daily at noon and is rebroadcast at 6pm. Or you can click below to listen anytime to this installment of News @ Noon Click the titles of […]

today8 November 2012

Earth Matters

Earth Matters / Martha Schumann Cooper

As New Mexico's last free-flowing river, Martha Schumann Cooper, Southwest New Mexico Field Representative for The Nature Conservancy, has developed a particular fondness for the Gila. GRIP Executive Director and Earth Matters co-producer, Allyson Siwik, talks with Martha about The Nature Conservancy's work to protect and restore the Gila and the potential ecological implications of water diversions, pipelines and storage facilities contemplated under the Arizona Water Settlements Act. For more information, visit […]

today7 November 2012

El Refugio

Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence / Part 4

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and El Refugio continues with the fourth in a series of programs titled Men Speak Out Against Domestic Violence. In this week's installment Kevin Flamm, Angel Torres, Albert Davalos, Ricky Villalobos and Gabriel Ramos raise their voices to oppose this terrible and all too common occurrence and ask that you stand with them and do the same to create a united front against this scourge. […]

today5 November 2012

Locals Only!

Messin’ With Herbs / 1 November 2012

This week's program is All About Garlic - how to plant and cultivate it, characteristics of different species, amending the soil, care throughout the growing season, weed management, storage, health benefits, herbal remedies, food use including roast garlic and making dried granulated garlic. Messin' With Herbs airs regularly on Monday and Wednesday at 10am & 8pm. Or you can click below to listen to this installment any time. Messin' With […]

today4 November 2012

Earth Matters

Earth Matters / Elna Otter

This week's installment of Earth Matters features Elna Otter, longtime environmental and social justice activist based in Tucson, AZ interviewed by Donna Stevens, co-producer of Earth Matters and Executive Director of Upper Gila Watershed Alliance. Elna's current activities include participation in the Sierra Club's efforts to shed light, increase transparency and demand accountability on the border fence along the US/Mexico border with particular emphasis on the environmental impacts and effects […]

today2 November 2012