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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update: Dr. Fred Fox

Grant County Coronavirus Update March 31st, 2021 On this week’s Grant County Coronavirus Update, Jamie Newton interviews Dr. Fred Fox, MD, a family and public health physician who has lived in Grant County, New Mexico, for 33 years. He has practiced medicine here, and he has been the Medical Director of the Health Department in Greenlee County, Arizona – right next door to us. In that position, he has major […]

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March Fundraiser 2021 Roundup

Thank you so much to all of our listeners who donated to GMCR/KURU 89.1 FM during our 2021 On-Air Spring Fundraiser. We know that this past year has been a difficult one for so many and we still raised just over $8000 for which we are very grateful. If you have not yet donated or become a member and are able to do so, it is never too late and […]

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Earth Matters

Earth Matters: Sally Smith

March is Women’s History Month, a time when we celebrate the achievements and contributions of women to our history, culture and society. Listen below to this weeks episode as Earth Matters host Allyson Siwik is joined by guest Sally Smith, an environmental activist who has made significant contributions to the environment and community health of Grant County. As the co-founder and board president of Gila Resources Information Project, Sally has […]

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Community Spotlight

Community Spotlight: Al Anon

On this week’s Community Spotlight, Candice Burke will interview members of Al-Anon. Al- Anon is a local, as well as world wide organization, that provides” experience, strength and hope” for anyone who is in a relationship with someone with a drinking problem. In this episode, we discuss the importance of anonymity of members, the history of Al Anon, their purpose/mission, who qualifies as a member, what the 12 steps are, […]

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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update: Dr. Marie C. Weil

Grant County Coronavirus Update March 24th, 2021 On this week’s Coronavirus Update, Jamie Newton interviews Dr. Marie C. Weil, a bilingual clinical health psychologist, on mental health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic – and how people can maintain their resiliency and wellbeing. The program begins with an overview of major emotional, social, and family relationship effects of the pandemic, and moves on to focus on specific issues and ways of […]

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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update: FORWARD NM and first show replay

Grant County Coronavirus Update March 17th, 2021 Today, we’ll be joined by Kendra Milligan Communications Specialist at Center for Health Innovation, and Paris Conerly FORWARD NM to discuss their current efforts to distribute masks in the region, and other various aspects of their organization. Following that, we’ll be replaying the very first episode of coronavirus update from March 16, 2020, with host  and show producer Allyson Siwik who is joined […]

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March Fundraiser! Saturday Schedule

Today is the final day of our March fundraiser! It's never to late to help out, just  hit that donate button! Here's a look at what's up today: 8AM - Roots And Branches 10AM - Silver City Community Theater Radio Hour 11AM - Earth Matters Roundtable 12PM - Kindred Continuum Roundtable 1PM - Community Spotlight with Candice 2PM - Jeff Ray Music Special 3PM - Greg Renfro Music Special 4PM […]

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March Fundraiser! Friday Schedule

Tune in today for another community showcase! 8AM - Local Flavor (special Friday edition) 10AM - Friendly Fire with Don Kimball 11AM - Music Special with Joe Neery 12PM - Noon O'clock 1PM - Roundtable discussion with the hosts of Kindred Continuum 2PM - Mitchellaneous 4PM - Silver City Community Theater Radio Hour 5PM - Democracy Now! 6PM - Guest DJ set w/ Dustin Hamman and Myrtle

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