About Us / 2

Where we’re at

After a number of years, we were finally granted our Construction Permit and are now authorized to begin constructing the station.

I repeat…

We Are Now Authorized
To Begin Constructing
The Station!!!

This is the culmination and completion of Phase I and a tremendous victory!

Having said that, our CP requires that within 3 years from date of issue we must be up, running, operational, On The Air!  If we aren’t on the air by December 2013,  we forfeit our license.  So our task is very clear.

On to Phase II.

Obviously, we will need financial resources to bring the station online but no less important is the participation and support of the community.  We need your imagination, your creativity, your interest, energy and commitment.  If these are not present, well, it simply wouldn’t be Community Radio.

Our development has had a number of peaks and valleys as we have made advances or been mired for a time in regulatory process.  Public awareness – and our own energies – have similarly waxed and waned and begun again.

But with the securing of our beautiful, downtown Silver City studio location on Bullard Street directly across the street from the Silver City Food Coop and The Hub we anticipate a big bump in interest, involvement and financial support.

FUN, FUN, FUN(draising)!

We have developed preliminary budgets for

  • Construction of the Station –
    Transmitter / Tower, Microwave Link to the Studio, In-Studio Equipment, Design and Installation
  • Startup Costs –
    Studio Location, Construction, Installation, Utilities, Office Setup, General Manager
  • Operating Budget –
    Staff, Licensing, Programming, Tower and Studio Utilities, Office Expense, etc

The good news is that many small, rural communities across the country have accomplished what we are undertaking and Grant County has many wonderful and creative resources at hand.  We face a considerable challenge to launch and maintain this project but it is a challenge that we welcome and are confident we will meet.

The pool of resources we need to develop includes all the skills necessary for any small business – financing, accounting, legal, public relations, human resources, graphic artists, computer network / IT expertise and people to maintain and upgrade our website.

And once we’re on the air we will need people with great ideas for intriguing, informative and entertaining content to broadcast.  We will have various events for fundraising and community outreach.  I think you get the picture.

This is a very exciting project and there will be many ways to participate and contribute so please do contact us, come to events and make yourself part of Community Radio in Southwest New Mexico.  Drop us a line at email@gmcr.org and let us know how you’d like to join in.

And Become A Member.