The Real News

The Real News Network (TRNN) is a non-profit, viewer-supported daily video-news and documentary service. They don’t accept advertising nor government or corporate funding. They – like GMCR / KURU are sustained by viewer donations and earned revenue.

GMCR is delighted to be the first Community Radio station to present their programming and we consider them to be invaluable contributors to the movement of alternative media in pursuit of truth and understanding of the complex issues that are so often obscured, distorted or simply ignored by mainstream media.

Part of our attraction to The Real News is their unapologetic stance regarding advocacy journalism and the integrity with which they advocate, accurately provide information, and critique sources, organizations, and individuals over the full political spectrum. They do so with an unabashed and critical view of mainstream media and directly challenge the underlying assumption that traditional – and increasingly degraded – standards of journalism result in “objectivity” rather than a perpetuation of a status quo in which corporate interests are presented as the norm and beyond question, and further challenge whether these self interested baseline assumptions arrive at truth, context and comprehension of complex issues.

They also walk the walk in empowering a new generation of young journalists and community activists in their headquarters location of Baltimore, Maryland by providing internships, training, and organizing resources. They have taken a very strong and supportive position re: many local issues which are in fact microcosms of national and international conditions that we all face regardless of location in this continually shrinking world.

GMCR / KURU congratulates them on their vision, priorities and successes and are proud to have entered into this association.

For additional information and their full range of programs, visit

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