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Civil Discourse / Mary Feldblum
on Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign
& The Affordable Care Act

today18 October 2013

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This week on Civil Discourse, host Jamie Newton interviews Mary Feldblum, Executive Director of the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign – a home-grown plan for comprehensive, affordable health care that can be implemented under the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known – fondly or disparagingly – as ObamaCare.

Their discussion took place less than two weeks after the shutdown of the U.S. government on October 1 and the coincident and chaotic launch of health insurance exchanges mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

The Health Security Plan for New Mexicans has evolved through two decades of dialogue and design involving community groups, religious organizations, health professionals, insurance experts, business owners, and lawmakers. The Plan provides for clear options, simple procedures, efficient operation with low costs, and freedom to choose among providers. Its claims are backed by independent research.

Dr Feldblum explained the Health Security Plan, how it fits into the goals and requirements of the Affordable Care Act, and how citizens can add their support to the campaign to make this Plan our state’s health insurance program in just a few years.

The interview covered:

  • History and features of the Health Security Plan for New Mexicans, and the Health Security Act (the bill that has been drafted to make the Plan law).
  • Why health care costs in the U.S. are so high, rising year after year, and how the Health Security Plan has been designed to control costs and apply premiums for the benefit of insured citizens, rather than for profits to insurance companies.
  • A timeline for passage and implementation of the Plan: passage of the Health Security Act in the 2015 legislative session, after which the Legislative Finance Committee would develop a financing package with public input in 2016, and the Plan would go into effect in 2017, when states will be able to apply for waivers from the health insurance exchange requirements of the Affordable Care Act.
  • Supporters of the Campaign, including more than 145 organizations in New Mexico and more than 30 counties and municipalities (among them Grant County, Bayard, Deming, Hatch, Las Cruces, and Silver City).
  • Responses to criticisms of the Plan, and a 20-year long process of development during which the Plan’s architects listened to concerns, strengthened the Plan, and often converted critics to allies.

What You Can Do:

The Health Security Plan for New Mexicans is a product of grassroots citizen involvement. People who support a plan that provides health care for most New Mexicans with freedom of choice of providers and a comprehensive set of services can visit the Campaign’s website below, communicate their views to elected officials and build support in their communities.

This program will be broadcast…

  • Monday 14 October 2013 at 10 am and 8pm
  • Wednesday 16 October 2013 at 10 am and 8pm
  • Friday 18 October at 10am

or you can listen any time via this link…
Civil Discourse / Mary Feldblum
on Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign
& The Affordable Care Act

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today18 October 2013

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