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Silver City Acoustic

Silver City Acoustic /
Jeff “Santa Rita Slim” Ray & Southern Rocky Mountain Band

Singer/songwriter and guitar and bass player Jeff "Santa Rita Slim" Ray will be our first guest this evening on Silver City Acoustic. Born in Silver City and "raised in space" (in Santa Rita, NM, now a mining hole in the ground), Jeff spent the last decades in Oregon and has now returned to our locale. Long ago, locally, Jeff played country-based dance music with the Delk Family Band, aka the "Gully Jumpers" and […]

today19 June 2014 1

Silver City Acoustic

Silver City Acoustic / Jammin’ Jeff returns

  Tonight!!  Jammin' Jeff, back by popular demand, will be spending the whole two hours  sharing stories and his amazing bluesmanship with us - on Silver City Acoustic, 6:15-ish - 8 pm, MT. Last week, Jeff shared with us a few stories of his blues career, including 23 years traveling in Bo Diddley's band. People are writing from around the nation, telling us what a great show we have here […]

today29 May 2014

Silver City Acoustic

Silver City Acoustic /
Howie Miller w/ Betty Marriage / Jammin’ Jeff w/ Tom McCoy

Tonight on "Silver City Acoustic," we'll visit first with Howie Miller and Betty Marriage, best known for the band "Sleep Til Noon," who've been singing together off and on since 1987.  Both grew up in Hurley, are widely known around Grant County, and will share some stories and original songs with great titles like "Isolation Blues," "Shadows and Angels," "One Way Train," and more. In the second hour, we'll visit […]

today22 May 2014

Silver City Acoustic

Silver City Acoustic / Roger Metcalf & Mike Moutoux

"Silver City Acoustic" tonight will feature music and interviews with Roger Metcalf in the first hour (6:15-ish to 7) and Mike Moutoux in the second (7:10-ish to 8). Roger, "originally a Brit but now a dual Brit/US" citizen, has lived all over the world, and has now settled down as a translator and musician in Silver City. He learned to play the stand-up bass to orchestra level, then switched to bass guitar and taught […]

today24 April 2014

Silver City Acoustic

Silver City Acoustic / Rodney Henderson & Karmin and Associates

Due to some scheduling issues, we will give this show another shot at a later date.  Sorry for the last minute cancellation. Our first guest this week on "Silver City Acoustic" will be Rodney Henderson, a multi-talented musician who plays drums and guitar and writes and sings original music and favorite "roadhouse" songs.  He currently leads The Roadrunners and previously drummed for the Oversouls, and also drums occasionally for The […]

today10 April 2014 1

Silver City Acoustic

Silver City Acoustic / Dr. Iya Kahn & Tom “Houndog” Romancik

Dr. Iya Kahn is widely known around town for energizing audiences, singing and playing clean, jazzy/bluesy guitar riffs over his pre-recorded - his own original - tracks of classic rock and blues favorites. This Thursday evening, though, Iya unplugs from that marvelous machinery and just brings his acoustic guitar to share with us some of his original music! Looking forward to visiting and talking music with this dynamic man of […]

today10 February 2014

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