Talk of the Town / March Against Monsanto

aldo-banner-140524We have no words to express our shock and sense of loss,

and no words to adequately express our sympathies
for this tragic loss of children and treasured friends,
but we offer our love and prayers.

We greatly admire the Aldo Community
and the education environment you have created.
We applaud your “Outside The Desk” philosophy
and the sense of discovery… and adventure
that are part of the Aldo Leopold experience.

We support and believe in what you have created
and thank all that have contributed to it.

May Peace Come Quickly

As reported and described in the Grant County Beat, the meeting scheduled for
tonight, Sunday 25 May 2014 / 6pm at the Grant County Administration Building
on Hwy 180 East is neither a memorial service nor a public informational meeting but is intended for families and current & former students and staff of Aldo Leopold to serve their personal needs in this difficult time.  The public – and “larger Aldo Community” of friends and supporters – is asked to respect their privacy as they continue to address the staggering aftermath of their losses.

The interview noted below took place on Friday 23 May 2014 just after 4:30pm and before the news broke.

GMCR / KURU had the pleasure of a drop in by Gabe Farley & Alex Gonzales this afternoon to talk a bit about the March Against Monsanto demo tomorrow, 24 May 2014 at 1pm in Beautiful Downtown Silver City.  They are the the primary organizers of the March now in its 2nd year.march against monsanto

Marchers will gather at “The Humble Corner820 North Bullard Street at the corner of College – otherwise known as The Bike Works Branch Shop and Energy Ideal during the morning for sign making and general organization of the march.  At 1pm they will march East on College, North on Hudson, West on 13th, South on Pope and wind back to “The Humble Corner.”

Monsanto is leading the corporate assault on our food supply with their infamous GMO products, herbicides and pesticides and by trying to corner and control the commodities markets and force their genetically modied Franken Foods literally down our throats by manipulation of the FDA and throwing millions of dollars in various political troughs and straight down the gullets of mainstream media.  When not suing small farmers for violating Monsanto patents because Monsanto’s corrupted crops have blown into the farmers’ fields, they are patenting everything in sight while suppressing the markets for traditional seed varieties.

They invite all to join in the march and increase their awareness of the threats of Genetically Modified plants and animals…  The Food You Save May Be Your Own!

More info at these sites…

A podcast of Gabe and Alex’s interview is available at the link below.
Talk of the Town / March Against Monsanto